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Tool Room Milling Machines

Second Hand Tool Room Milling Machines for Sale | Asset-Trade
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Used Tool Room Milling Machine for Sale. Looking to buy or sell second hand Tool Room Milling Machines?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find high quality used Tool Room Milling Machinery. Our Toolroom Mills optimized for toolroom work. Their operation mode is very easy. Our versatile Tool Room Milling Machine are capability for milling,drilling, tapping & boring at any angle.

We recommended well known manufactures like: DMG DECKEL, MAHO, HERMLE, MIKRON, KLOPP and BOKÖ.

Used Tool Room Milling machinery tend to be built more for endurance than speed. Often the work that crosses these milling machines is prototype or short run jobs. There is rarely a chance to optimize tooling, feeds or speeds. Therefore the machine has to be able to absorb punishment from processes that are much less refined than can be achieved on longer runs.

There is a relatively quiet but relentless change in metalworking toolroom equipment. Handwheels are still there, so manual operation is preserved, but now there is the capacity to operate these machines automatically via CNC or using a combination of manual and CNC. This data acquisition allows the machine movements to be captured by the control. It's like reverse engineering a part program. By machining a first article, a manually trained machinist can program the CNC to reproduce subsequent parts.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your used Tool Room Milling Machines for your complext production requirements.

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Maschinen Informationen
Hersteller: AVIA
Modell: FNE 50 N CNC
Steuerung: CNC > HEIDENHAIN > TNC 410
Baujahr: 1995
Used AVIA FNE 50 N CNC tool milling machine CNC Heidenhain TNC 410CA Technical data : Travel: X/Y/Z 800/500/420 mm table 500x1.000 mm / max 500kg spindle table 535-100 mm spindle SK40/7,5kW/50-4.000 rpm feeds X/Y 10.000 mm/min / Z 7.… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Hersteller: KNUTH
Modell: KB 1400
Steuerung: NC
Baujahr: 2010
Used KNUTH KB 1400 Universal-Toolroom Milling Machine Technical data Table clamping surface:1.400x400 mm max 800kg X-axis travel: 950 mm Y-axis travel 400mm Z-axis travel 500 mm spindle mounting: ISO 50 spindle-table min/max 650-150… Know More